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Meeting Planner: Look to motivational business speaker André van Hall for a fresh, proven message on innovation and change

Change is a fact of life – in every business, in every industry. Instead of “embracing” change or “managing” change, leaders and teams must:

  • Actively seek new ideas and be innovative.
  • Readily adapt to change that comes your way.
  • Anticipate and be on the forefront of change.
  • Drive disruptive change, the high-impact change that transforms your business.

Inspirational business speaker André van Hall challenges leaders and teams to wake up their curiosity! This fuels breakthrough thinking, drives innovation, and creates new results. An engaging storyteller, André is backed by 40 years of “5-star” experience as an executive in the international hospitality industry.

Keynote and workshop for business leaders, company teams, and associations

Wake up your curiosity – It’s the solution to stay ahead of change!

Is your team undergoing significant change? Is your company facing a merger or acquisition? Yes, change can be scary. When Andre van Hall suddenly lost his eyesight, he had to quickly adapt to a new and terrifying reality. Yet he recognized that change is not the enemy.

Driven by innate curiosity, Andre instinctively knows that curiosity enables you to be open to change. Curiosity propels you forward. Curiosity drives you to learn more, face obstacles, and overcome challenges. 

In this keynote or workshop, participants are inspired to be at the forefront of change, even purposeful and disruptive change. The key is opening up your mind and being curious to identify alternative tactics and new strategies.

Participants will:

  • Understand how to create an environment of asking questions and listening.
  • Discover the power that happens when you stop judging and start assessing.
  • Learn a proven process to wake up your curiosity to resolve challenges, address current changes, and anticipate change!

Keynote and workshop for Human Resources associations

Empower every employee to wake up their curiosity – It’s the key to innovation and purposeful change!

In your organization, do employees have limited responsibility and are dependent on the management structure above them? In your culture, does the management team seem to take the position that they need to “parent” their employees rather than view the relationship as a trusting partnership? It takes time to cultivate trust, yet the investment is worthwhile.

As leaders, it’s our responsibility to create an environment where employees are engaged, have the ability to contribute to process improvement, and know that their role plays a significant part in the overall success of the team.

In Andre van Hall’s keynote – and more in-depth in his workshop – participants will:

  • Discuss how change is not the enemy, but our attitude toward it can be.
  • Understand why giving employees the opportunity to modify common practices and workflow gives them ownership and deepens trust.
  • Learn a proven process to lay the groundwork that enables employees to perform their duties effortlessly – and presents opportunities for innovation and purposeful change, which helps organizations be competitive.

Keynote and workshop for the service industry

Wake up your team’s curiosity – It’s the key to delivering “5-star” service!

Do you have a great product or service, but are failing in the delivery? Is your management team challenged to motivate employees who don’t deeply care about the success of your company – or delivering outstanding service that delights your customers?

Backed by 40 years of “5-star” experience as an executive in the international hospitality industry, Andre van Hall has worked on three continents in some of the most prestigious properties in the world. Andre understands the challenge of motivating employees, and why this is vital to the overall success of your endeavor.

In this keynote – and more in-depth in his workshop – Andre guides and inspires your management team to:

  • Implement a process to transform line employees into management’s partners as opposed to adversaries.
  • Learn how to communicate your expectations that employees are actively engaged, not simply performing tasks.
  • Witness the great results when you wake up the curiosity of your employees and enable them to have a greater impact in their jobs – and contribute to the outcome of the organization.
  • Nurture curiosity and innovation, so they blossom throughout the organization.


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