Kudos for André van Hall’s “Curiosity of Change” keynotes and workshops

“Andre Is most certainly an inspiring leader with a compelling personal story of dealing with a transformational change that impacted every aspect of his life. As a speaker his willingness to share his personal experiences and to show his vulnerability build a strong platform of trust. Those aspects in and of themselves are reasons to engage Andre as a speaker or consultant. But, even more impactful is his ability to inform, educate and inspire individuals to excel as leaders and offer tools to guide them through that evolution. He is straightforward. He tells it like it is. He provides a mix of empathy for the challenges leaders face and a straightforward challenge to be the best leader you can be. We will continue to engage Andre for future speaking opportunities, coaching and executive management training.”

– Tami Door, President & CEO of The Downtown Partnership

“Andre van Hall is a true professional and is an outstanding leader in the hospitality industry. Andre is a gifted and talented speaker on change management, and sharing his story will inspire any audience.”

– Richard Scharf, President & CEO, Visit Denver

“One participant said that Andre was the best speaker he had heard in years and he attends many local and national conferences each year.  He recommended Andre to our national association before he even finished his presentation.  Andre’s professional experience, personal challenges and dynamic presentation gave our members an inspiring and enlightening experience that will help them look at their personal and professional lives in a much different way.”

– Pete Kirchhof, Executive Vice President/Colorado Telecommunications Association, August 2016

“Andre van Hall is a very inspirational, funny, informative, and curiosity-building speaker. Andre’s personal experiences and his ability to put them into a context that others can easily relate to is magical. Our staff was extremely engaged in his talk, and commented about it long after it was over. His keynote was a perfect introduction to our planning retreat and put everyone in the right frame of mind to discuss ‘Change.’ I would utilize his services again!”

– Jim Goddard, President/CEO, 9Health Fair

André van Hall’s presentation was inspirational and compelling, fully engaging our audience. It was complimented by his wit, charm, and natural exuberant personality. He received a standing ovation – not a common event in our club. I heartily endorse and recommend André van Hall as a professional speaker for any business event or conference. Your audience will be grateful.”

– Darlene Mast, Executive Director, The Rotary Club of Denver

“André van Hall presented at our annual Legacy Society luncheon to over 300 members and guests. We asked him to share his story about his vision loss, the impact it had on him and his family, and how he was moving forward with his life in a positive way.  André’s story is compelling, and he relates it with great passion, insight, and well-timed humor. After his keynote, André received a standing ovation. He fully engaged the audience and many attendees told me how much they enjoyed and appreciated his presentation and story. I also had the good fortune to see André present at his own graduation from Guide Dogs for the Blind with his first guide dog, Pelham. André addressed an audience of over 600 people – he left them spirited about the changes that can happen in life. I highly recommend André as a keynoter and know your audience will thoroughly enjoy his presentations.”

– Paul Lopez, President and CEO, Guide Dogs for the Blind

“Andre, your testimony was valuable and inspiring to both children and members of staff. You held your young audience’s attention all the way through. For the children to have a first-hand account of a difficult situation in life and to see for themselves that it could be overcome has been insightful. We had favourable feedback from parents too, commenting on the impact of your talk. I’d like to share some of the students’ reflections with you: ‘You are a perfect example of an open-minded person and a thinker’ and ‘You are a fabulous example of perseverance.’ Andre, thank you for your time and your visit.”

– Patricia Christensen de Gilbert, Northlands IB World School, Buenos Aires, Argentina

These are some of the students’ reflections which we would like to share with you.

The first time we saw your website we thought how much this problem must have affected your life and your personality. But when we met you we realized that your life changed in a good way after all. You have learned to deal with a difficult situation that now you have turned into inspiring words for people that have to deal with different difficult situations”.  DELFINA

 “I liked it how you accepted being blind and kept doing the things you liked as riding your bicycle or skiing.” EMILIA

 “….you are a perfect example of an open-minded person and a thinker.” AMAIA

 “We appreciate your effort to come to our school and we liked how you spoke and motivated us. You are a fabulous example of effort and perseverance. NEVER GIVE UP.” MANUEL, TOMMY AND VALENTINE

Thank you very much once again for your visit.

Patricia Christensen de Gilbert

Head of Primary

Thank you for sharing a thought-provoking message that applies to both a personal and company standpoint. This is good common-sense thinking. As a result of your presentation, I’m going to talk with each of my employees to find out what their true feelings are for their jobs.”

– Presentation participant

“André, I’m inspired by your acceptance of change. As a result of your presentation, I’m going to ask more questions and encourage more participation in our weekly staff meetings.

– Presentation participant

André van Hall presented a very informative, content-rich, and thought-provoking keynote for our business group. I think everyone in the audience was inspired to look for opportunities to empower our employees, get more staff input, and think outside the box.”

– Presentation participant

“I was impressed with André’s presentation! I’m going to push myself to be more curious and ask more questions – and encourage my staff to do the same.

– Presentation participant

“André van Hall has a very compelling combination of business experience, skills, and personal experience. He is a very credible speaker with an inspiring, relevant message for those of us who are leaders.”

– Presentation participant

I plan to take André’s message about curiosity and asking questions to my staff. I want to keep them more involved and informed and support them in being change agents. I can see opportunities to take the great products we offer and make them even better through change.”

– Presentation participant

“In his presentation, André asked if we received ideas that I can implement into my daily life, both personal and professional. My answer: Absolutely! In fact, I’m going to integrate André’s message about seeking opportunities for change into our company’s strategic plan.

– Presentation participant