Your testimony was very moving and at the same time valuable and inspiring

June 2015 Dear Mr. Van Hall, We would like to thank you very much for your visit and your time with us. Your testimony was very moving and at the same time valuable and inspiring to both children and members of staff. You held your young audience’s attention all the way through. For the children to have a first-hand account of a difficult situation in life and to see for themselves that it could be overcome has been insightful. We had favourable feedback from parents too, commenting on the impact your talk had on their children and they are very[…..]

The Curiosity that let Ebenezer Scrooge to CHANGE!

cently, I was fortunate enough to see “A Christmas Carol” traveling production in Beaver Creek. As I sat there and heard Ebenezer Scrooge being shown the errors of his ways by the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future, I could not help but wonder why WE can’t have those spirits visit us to wake us up to the need to CHANGE! Granted…in many cases, our playbook did not play out the life we had dreamed of, but IT IS OUR LIFE! So, do we really need a spirit to WAKE UP OUR CURIOSITY, or are we willing to decide[…..]

Can Dallas Buyers Club inspire CHANGE?

I just watched “Dallas Buyers Club,” a movie in which Don Woodroof, an electrician and sometimes hustler, has contracted AIDS and is given only weeks to live. He does not accept this death sentence and proceeds to find a doctor in Mexico that is giving his clients a concoction of supplements and vitamins to combat this deadly disease. Intrigued and CURIOUS with the results, he fights a system that is entrenched in a slow and methodical process of approving drugs, while thousands are dying from the disease, even though he is clearly proving that his method is getting far better[…..]

Curiosity alone is worthless!

As you walk around your place of employment, do your coworkers and subordinates KNOW that you are curious? Are you asking them how things are going? What is not working? What ideas they may have? – If you do…GREAT…but, what do you do with that information? Do you challenge your own beliefs when you hear feedback, or you justify your position? Remember, curiosity alone is worthless! No point in having an open door policy, if you have a closed mind!

Get your brain out of the rut, be curious

If the myth that we use only 10% of our brain were true,then the sad thing is we put that 10% in a rut, and won’t let it challenge your own perspectives, for lack of curiosity! How can we bring change about, if we are not curious about the other side’s perspective? If we are not curious on how to mend relationships Curious about changing a bad habit? Wake up! Take your brain out of the rut and expand your possibilities, you only use 10% of it after all! Be Curious

The “curiosity lesson” of an Uber driver

Uber has been getting a lot of ink lately. All thanks to the very people that oppose their emergence. The sad thing is, that they will not be able to stop the forward momentum. A couple of weeks ago, I called a Uber car, and the driver told me he owns a limo company. He tries to book the traditional way, but, when that fails, he complements his income by logging into Uber…That man understands change! He realizes it is here to stay, and he might as well join it, than fight it. So, not all change is so “in[…..]

Why “curiosity”? How can being more curious help you adapt to change – and be more innovative?

You’ve heard: “The only constant is change.” While true, I would say that, in today’s world: “The only constant is RAPID change.” There is no time in history where adaptability has been more important. You either adapt or innovate – or you get left behind. Also, I believe “embracing change” is simply a cliché that drives us to do nothing. Another overused phrase, “change is about attitude,” also leaves us stranded, as we figure how to change our attitude. In my keynote presentations, I discuss how CURIOSITY is at the core of any change taking place. How, you may ask,[…..]